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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kids Are Weird

Ana spent about an hour yesterday playing on a McDonald's playscape. I had planned to stay for about 15 minutes, but as she wasn't pushing anyone and was being friendly, I sat in awe longer than I meant to.

Check out this conversation between Ana, a long, brown haired girl, and a blond short haired girl wearing a jacket:

Long to Ana: When you go, is your brother going with you?
Ana: I don't have a brother.
Long: Yes you do.
Ana: No I don't.
Long: Yes you do - that boy right there in the jacket. The one with no hair. (bear in mind they had been playing together for an hour at this point)
Ana: He's not a boy. He's a girl.
Long: Hey, Boy? You're a girl?
Short: Nods

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