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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alpha Girls

Ana and I went to check out her new preschool on Tuesday. She won't start until January 4th, but this was about the fifth time we'd been by - first time we just drove by, second time walked around the parking lot, third through fourth times, walked the halls. Finally we had made it up to the eat-lunch-with-the-class visit. I am taking no chances that she will fall apart again come January!

The visit went even better than I had expected and Ana made quick friends with two other little girls in her class - I'll call them L. and S. The things the three girls had in common were that: they were all pretty tall and they had big imaginations and big voices to match. Ana, L., and S. found a wedding dress in the dress-up corner and jumped right into a game of "wedding". L. wore the dress, Ana wore the veil and carried the flowers, and S. was the photographer. Their exuberance took up a chunk of the play area and all attention went to them.

I had to laugh, then, when I saw the three tiniest girls in the class jumping around and heard them banding together on the sidelines.

Oooh! Oooh! We can be the flower girls. Look out! Here they come! Back up! We'll pretend we have dresses! Oooh! Oooh! Out of their way! Hey! We're your flower girls! They don't hear us - that's okay - we can just march around...

Back in my day, shorty that I was at that age, I would have been one of the flower girls. Only I would have been the one with the big, stick-out tummy.

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