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Friday, December 3, 2010

Three In The Bed

Daddy got home from his work trip late last night. Very late. He came into the room, ready to crash into bed, only to find that there were two ladies in his bed instead of the usual one. Miss I-have-to-pee-pee, no now I-need-a-drink, no now I-am-too-scared-in-the-night has been up to her old tricks. Let me tell you, waking once or twice a night does not do anything for my under eye bags. My bags have bags.

At any rate, because Daddy was so happy to see his girls, he created a lovely scenario in his head in which all three of us snuggled up together and slumbered peacefully through the night in familial bliss. So, he climbed in.

Fast forward 6 hours... one of us slumbered peacefully, one of us had a heel in his rib, and the final one of us had a hand over her face. Specifically over her nose and mouth, which doesn't do much for peaceful slumber.

Poor Daddy - I don't think that he imagined that the first words of welcome out of his wife's mouth would be - If you do that again, I will kill you. Sadly, I think he is sufficiently convinced that I might. Welcome home, Daddy! ;-)

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