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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disturbing Show and Tell

Ana's preschool is going to be starting up a show and tell the last Thursday of the month. I received a paper from Banana's teacher giving us a head's up about what to bring and where to put our object when we get to school on show and tell day.

We were talking the whole concept over at breakfast time:

So Ana, kids bring in something from home to show to the class and they tell a little bit about it. For example, someone might bring in a stuffed animal, or their favorite book. Maybe something that they got on a trip. What are some other things that would be good to bring for show and tell?

Well, like a dead bird. That would be interesting.

Uh... interesting to say the least. While I appreciate her interest in all things science and nature-y, I'm thinking the ick factor and clear health violation might rule that one out.

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