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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trash Talking Part 2

Okay, so first it was the police officer, now it is the computerized checkout voice at H-E-B.

Took the Chick in with me to buy groceries. As never happens, we had less than 10 items, so I thought I would go through the self-checkout lane.

Please place your item in the bagging area.

Don't tell us what to do, you Bossy Lou!

Please remove your item from the bagging area and scan it again.

What you're saying doesn't make sense! Quit talking to me! Shhhh!

Please select your method of payment.

Why do you make us pay you all of our money?!? That's not kind!!

Thank you for shopping with us.

Goodbye! You need to be more quiet!

Given that I knew we weren't hurting any feelings, I let her go at it. I confess, it gave me a good laugh for the day!

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Auntie Karen said...

Belly laughing again! Best way to start my day is read Nokay!

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