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Friday, May 27, 2011

Wash That Mouth Out!

Ana was playing with her dolls yesterday and I was listening to her chatter.

Damn! I forgot my dress. Dammit!

This was immediately followed by a cringe, then, Oops! I forgot that I'm not supposed to say that word.

I'm glad you caught yourself, I told her. That's an ugly word and we don't say that.

Yeah. We can't say that where anyone can hear us. We can only say it at our house.

Well, we can't even say it at our house. It's not good to say ugly words, even around our family.

Yes, but we can say it at our house if it's just The Bogles here.

Well, I'm a Bogle and I didn't like hearing it. We just don't say it at all.

Still looking for a loophole... Okay, but I can say it in my room with the door closed, in my closet with the door closed, if I turn out the light and you can't hear me.

Yes, I suppose you can. I suppose you can.

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