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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Next Husband, Please

I am not the most mobile or energetic person these days, so I offered to play little plastic princess dolls with Ana on the couch. That is right up her alley, so she was content. I was a little disturbed, however, by the turn our play took.

To set the scene...

I was "Mommy Alison", "Daddy Scott", Cooper (our dog), and a bunny rabbit

Ana was herself as a little girl, herself as a "grown-up", two princes, an assortment of waitresses, and an Auntie that showed up at the end of the honeymoon

The play began with us as a family. Ana grew up and fell in love with a prince, after asking him if he was kind, smart, and funny, of course. She enacted a wedding and then invited Mommy Alison, Daddy Scott, Cooper, and the bunny to accompany her and her new husband on their honeymoon - to Disney World, surprise, surprise. Her husband was apparently very accommodating.

While there, after eating a good lunch of ham sandwiches with salsa on them and "lemalade" to drink, Ana decided that we should all go for a swim. Sadly her new husband did a fatal cannonball into the hotel pool and had to go to the on site hospital, where he took an even worse turn and died from his injuries and "being sick". At this point, Ana's Auntie entered the scene to cry over the body, at which time she quickly aged and became so old that she too died. Ana changed into a "fab-uh-lous gown" to mourn her family members.

We flew back to Austin later that day, with Ana bemoaning the fact that she would never marry again because she married the only kind prince in the whole world and she did not want to marry a mean man. Well, luck would have it that as soon as we landed and exited into the airport, she met another prince who happened to be "kind and smart and funny". They went on a date the very next night and over a dinner of "steak and french fries and white milk" they grilled each other in the following manner:

Ana: Do you like children? Are you kind to them?
Prince: Yes. Do you like children? Are you kind to them?
Ana: Yes. Do you like animals?
Prince: Yes. Do you like animals?
Ana: Yes. Are you smart and funny?
Prince: Yes. Are you smart and funny?
Ana: I am. I think I can marry you. You are a kind person.
Prince: Me too.

They then came home from their date and told Mommy Alison and Daddy Scott that they were getting married the very next day and would be honeymooning at... Disney World.

My daughter, the Black Widow. Nice.

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