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Friday, August 19, 2011

The World Is Ending

I have a very dramatic mood-swing-y child about one day out of every month. Luckily those days don't come around very often, but when they do, nothing is right and everything is "terrible". Yesterday was one of those days:

I can't sing good. I can never be in the opera. Listen to my voice. It is all scratched up when I sing soft. People will laugh. They will not buy a ticket to listen to me at the opera. I don't sing good. I sing like a clown.

I can't play soccer good. My hands are too little. It's not fair my hands are not big like Daddy's. This is terrible!

My hair is a mess. My hair is not good. I want short hair. My hair gets in my face. It won't stay in my hair thing. My hair is like a stinky toot.

We picked up a pretty white dress at a consignment shop just for fun. Ana was convinced it was meant for church only and let a tiny bit of excitement peek through before she remembered that it was drama day:

When is it church day? Is it this day, then the next day, then the next day, then church day? That is not far! That is soon! And then I can wear my white.... and then I can wear that ugly, scratchy dress. That is the most terrible dress in the whole world.

Whew! Thank goodness yesterday is over. I'm thinking of taking a trip ... solo.

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