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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Easter Bunny Is No Friend Of Mine...

Ana has never met a stranger. She'll talk to anyone, sing a song for anyone, show a dance move to anyone. As Mom and Dad, this is obviously concerning, so we have been talking about strangers quite a bit lately.

We were not making any progress whatsoever in giving her pause before she runs up to someone to chat, so we had to get a bit more specific. Although it could have scared her, we talked about people trying to get her to come into their car or house, or trying to get her to go off with them somewhere. We even had to give a little bit of an overview of where things might go. That FINALLY got her attention.

Flash forward to yesterday's neighborhood Easter egg hunt, complete with teenage boy dressed in bunny costume. Ana was beside herself with joy that the "real!!!!" Easter bunny would be at the park. She was so excited that I didn't have the heart to break it to her, so I went along with her. Not so great when she walked around the back side of the costumed boy and saw his neck. Uhhhh...

Ana brought up her disappointment in the van afterward:

Mom, I thought the real bunny would be there. You said the REAL bunny would be there. I wanted to meet him!!!

I know, Baby. I thought he would be there too, but you know what? One of the mommies got a text message from the real bunny saying that he had to stay behind at his house because he still had too many chocolate bunnies to make in time for Easter. So, he sent his very special human friend to wear a costume that looked like him and come to our Easter egg hunt.


I thought I was out of the woods. Instead, I should remember that old adage - what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive...



Well, since that human in the costume is a special friend of the Easter bunny, if he took his head off and asked me to come home with him for a playdate, would it be okay to say yes?

Try to work your way out of that one...

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