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Monday, January 14, 2013


A request from Ana found us watching our wedding DVD. Upon seeing our officiant, she asked Who's that man in the black robe?

I replied that he was our priest, to which Scott pointed out that he wasn't called a priest because we weren't married in a Catholic Church. This led to me telling him that I knew that, but Ana was familiar with the word which was why I used it. And so it went...

Ana, tiring of our back and forth about nothing had a solution of her own:

Let's just go with old gray-haired man.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Swear We're Not Racists

An Ana encounter on New Years Day started out fine, but quickly went bad. Very bad. It was all a misunderstanding (on Ana's part), but if you didn't know Ana's understanding of history coupled with her personal experiences, you would think that she - and therefore we - were a horribly racist family.

The Ana translation is included at the bottom of this post, and can be referenced when you come across an asterisk. Or, for the full effect of Scott's embarrassment, save the explanation until the end.

At a party, Scott is talking to a very nice Indian gentleman. Ana is walking around filming everyone with a little camera that she got for Christmas.

Ana: And here is my Daddy. And some stranger that I do not know.

Scott: Ana, let me teach you how to introduce yourself. Hold out your hand to shake and say, Hello, my name is Ana.

Ana: Hello, my name is Ana. Hey! You're Mexican! You're the enemy! (*#1)

Nice/Tolerant Man: My name is Robert. Actually, I'm not Mexican. I'm from India.

Ana: Then why is your skin brown?

Super Nice/ Super Tolerant Man: Well, that is because I am from India and skin is brown there.

Ana: You're an Indian?!? A real Indian?!? Well,... (*#2)

at this point, realizing that things could only get worse...

Scott: Ana! Go find your Momma!

*#1: This past summer we took a trip to San Antonio and toured the Alamo. Ana learned that AT THE TIME OF THE BATTLE OF THE ALAMO, Mexico was our enemy. She can't seem to understand that since WE ARE IN 2013, Mexico is no longer our enemy. Trust me, we have tried many, many times to explain this, but the romance of patriotism has swept her away and there's no getting her back. You're the enemy! was her misguided attempt to stick up for her land. Thankfully she's not our only defense.

*#2: In Kindergarten Ana learned about Native Americans. The cooperation between the first settlers and the Native Americans was stressed, but, again, the fighting is what stuck in Ana's head. Scott knew that Ana's next response would have been something like...

Well, where's your bow and arrow?
Well, can you really shoot a turkey?
Well, can you grow maize?
Well, do you live in a tepee

As none of these would have been endearing, given the previous skin color reference coupled with the label of enemy, he opted for the last ditch effort of Ana! Go find your Momma!

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