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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Super Girl

We have identified Pink Super Girl's look. Apparently Ana must have seen her in some costume magazine back around Halloween. The desire must have percolated for months, only coming out at the moment we crafted her letter to Santa. It appears that the jolly old man is her muse.

With Ana I dare not make something up, put something together, or find something else and dye it pink. Things have to be just so or the world ends. So for this reason, a pink Super Girl costume is winging its way to us from some generic costume store. I double checked that I had found the right one by calling her over to the computer:

Ana, is this Pink Super Girl?

Ye-uhs. See the pink on her? (pardon me!)

I can. I just wanted to check that this is the one that you like.

That's the one that I like. It will make me fly with my cape.

Honey, kids that wear that can't really fly. It's just for pretend.

No, that's not true. I saw her flying in my book. I can fly like her.

Really, you won't be able to. That's just a picture.

I will show you!

I'm thinking that despite best efforts, Pink Super Girl is still going to disappoint on Christmas morning. Just a hunch.

Also - a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this morning to the brains behind the TheNokayblog.com website - my good friend Grace - who will now probably want to kill me :-)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Stubborn Cow

Okay, this is one I am not proud of. Not proud of at all.

I had a rough day the other day - was not able to be my usual uber-patient (most of the time), gentle teacher, Mary Poppins aspiring mother self. I had had it just about up to here with playing ponies and dancing and being the prince and being the Nutcracker and dressing dollies and playing restaurant where I am never served any food and pushing a swing for 40 minutes straight. I was not feeling it.

This is when Ana decided to declare that the food that I had made her for lunch was Gross! Yucky! I can't eat this! (gag for effect) She then stuck out her lips in this I'm-irritated-with-you-and-I'm-not-going-to-do-anything-you-say-face that she can make so well when she wants to.

I lost it. Stubborn Cow! I called her under my breath. Sadly not quietly enough. I don't think Ana even knows what stubborn means or why I would pair it with cow, but she got the general idea.

I am not a stubborn cow!

Appalled with myself I went for the cover - When a cow doesn't want to do something, when it is being stubborn, it sticks its lips out just like you did. Moo! I'm stubborn! I don't want to do that. I'm a stubborn cow! Moo!

A couple more moos and she was back to laughing and even threw in a few of her own moos for good measure. I thought the danger had passed until yesterday...

At the fabric store:

Mommy, can we leave now? I really don't want to be here!

Ana, I know you want to leave. I need you to be patient a little bit longer. Mommy can't leave yet, I have to pick out a fabric.

You don't want to go?

No, not yet.

Then you're a stubborn cow!

It was not our finest moment.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Letters To Santa

...are not all that they're cracked up to be.

I am an early shopper. I love thinking about what people would want and buying it for them, as soon after the thought strikes me as I can. It's guilt-free shopping - it's not for me and I'd need to buy it at Christmastime anyway. For this reason, Ana's presents have long been taken care of. That was until I had the bright idea to help her write a letter to Santa. What could I have been thinking?!?

Dear Santa,

I love you and love you. Could I please have the fairies (check!)? Could I please have the Super Girl costume? (What!?! Ana, don't you mean you want the Pocahontas costume you've been talking about? No? Why not? You really want Super Girl? Are you sure you wouldn't have more fun being Pocahontas? Super Girl for sure then? Well, this letter looks totally done. Why don't we just end it right there and get it in this envelope real quick.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Love,
Anastasia Britton Bogle

An unconsidered downside of shopping in advance - Pocahontas is past her 30 day return period. I wonder if I could pass her off as Pocahontas Super Girl?

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Droopy, One of the Seven Dwarves... Make That Two

Okay, so I have posted before about how this year in particular has seemed to take a toll on my youthful good looks... okay, my youthful looks. I had overlooked one area, though. Luckily Ana was here to bring it to my attention.

Daddy, when I am a big lady I want boobies like Mommy's. My boobies are not big. You can't see them. They are little boobies. Mommy has long boobies.

Not big, People. Long. Thanks, Ana.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010



I know that you were meant to be my child as surely as I know that my heart beats in my chest.

I am so thankful for all of the moments and people along the way that led Daddy and me to you.

I am so thankful that you are now safe, loved, watched over, and adored.

I am so thankful that you have enough to eat, peaceful sleep, and a hand to put your hand in when you are afraid.

I am so thankful that I have many more days to show you just how much I love you - and how much I always will.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Birds And The Bees

Luckily I have no real reason to have to correct Ana's interpretation of conception and birth at the moment. I will have to address it someday, however, as I think she has things a little off...

(Looking at a book)

Mommy, let's pretend this lady has a baby in her belly.

Okay, I'll be her daughter talking to her. Mommy, I can't wait until the baby is born and I am a big sister!

Pop! Look daughter! The baby just popped out. Put on a little dress. Wrap her in a fancy blanket. Don't we look cute?

They say the pain of childbirth fades in memory over time, but I think that right there might just be a world record.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peanut Gallery

As you know, Ana was recently a flower girl in my cousin's wedding. She was precious, although a little stage-frighty at the walking part. After a brief stint standing up at the front, she beat a hasty retreat to our laps.

No one could accuse her of not still being a part of things, though. Nor could she be accused of not paying attention. Apparently she was paying very, very close attention. So close in fact that when the bride slipped the ring on the groom's finger she was ready with a comment. A loud comment.


Luckily, it being a wedding and everybody being happy and full of good feelings and warm fuzzy things like that, Ana got a big laugh.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shoe Fetish

Ana gets very sad when Daddy has to go out of town for work, which he did this past Wednesday night. To help put a positive spin on the night, I told her that we could get dressed up and that I would take her out for dinner, just us girls.

Can we wear make-up?
Sure. A little bit.

Can we wear fancy dresses?
Sure. That's fine.

Can you wear fancy shoes?
Yeah, yeah, I can do that.

The night came and we applied our make-up. I tell her that she has to close her eyes so that she can't see that I actually don't put anything on the brush. I finish up with a swipe of real lipstick, though, and she hasn't busted me yet.

Next, it was time to get dressed. Ana picked out a purple princess dress, white tights, and black party shoes. A sparkly headband finished off her ensemble. Then, it was on to me.

Mommy, please, please, please, please wear this dress!
No, it's too short.

Mommy, please, please wear this one!
No, it's strapless. We're just going to The Cheesecake Factory. I don't want to be that fancy.

Mommy, please, please how about this one?!?
No, Mommy wore that 10 years ago. I don't think it's appropriate anymore, I should just get rid of it.

Here, Ana, I'm going to wear this one. (Black, long-sleeved understated dress)
Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy! You said we could be fancy!

Ana, it's cold outside. This is the best dress for me to wear. But, I tell you what, you can pick out whatever shoes of mine you want that match and I promise that I'll wear them.

So, she did. She picked out the one pair of shoes that I had forgotten that I owned because I literally wore them once to show them to Scott. I bought the shoes when I was going through an I'm-too-complacent-I-should-make-more-of-an-effort phase. Phase might be a little strong - more of a blip. Scott says he likes my legs, but apparently the tennis shoes and ratty flip-flops I was wearing all of the time weren't showing them off to their full advantage. So, I tried to surprise him with the highest heeled black number I could find. I brought them home, put them on and... he laughed. Apparently I had bought "hooker shoes".

Picture if you will: Wednesday night a car pulls up in front of The Cheesecake Factory. An adorable little princess in a purple dress steps out, followed by a teetering hooker. Can they really be together? The princess enjoyed the children's bowtie pasta and the hooker went to town on the BBQ chicken pizza. After the cheesecake counter was avoided, the hooker drove the little princess home, took off her aching weapons of torture, and turned back into Ana's Mommy. She then tucked her little dear in with a kiss and went straight to her closet to hide the shoes on the very top shelf. The back of the top shelf even.


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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Many Faces of Chocolate

To Ana's supreme delight, she discovered that the wedding favor at Cousin Kim's wedding was a box of foil wrapped chocolates - at least 10 or so chocolates a box. To her even greater delight, she discovered that her power as the only child in attendance, not to mention her cuteness and ability to persuade anyone to do anything, meant that she was able to collect around 10 to 12 boxes of chocolates. You do the math. Not good. Come along with me, if you will, as we witness Ana's journey through the Land 'o Chocolate - the highs and the lows:


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Friday, November 19, 2010

Did I Do That?

Has anyone seen The Social Network? Yes, well, if you haven't, Justin Timberlake, playing the part of Sean Parker, tells Jesse Eisenberg, playing Mark Zuckerberg, one of the founders of Facebook that he should drop the "The" from "The Facebook" and should go with the cleaner "Facebook".

Ever one to buck trends (probably not fooling anyone with that statement) and also out of my dislike of Justin Timberlake, barring his "D*ck in a Box" skit (brilliant), I have changed Nokayblog.com to THENokayblog.com.

Okay, confession time, none of it was intentional. I forgot to renew my domain name and some annoying-to-me-person in Australia bought it. In my defense, Go Daddy did NOT send me renewal emails as claimed. Also in my defense, the Dallas Cowboys website was also recently down for the same reason. Okay, scratch that last one - I think it probably hurts my case more than helps it.

Now that I have alienated all Dallas Cowboys and Justin Timberlake fans, I will wrap up by saying... WE ARE BACK! And it feels good. Remember to change your bookmark, if you have one, to THENokablog.com and accept no substitutes.

Posts on Ana's flowergirl debut to come - check back tomorrow!


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Showing Belly

Okay, so I sort of lied in yesterday's post. By omission anyway. Ana's legs got more than a pack of gum. They also got one of her pre-purchased Christmas presents - a Jasmine costume. I've had this thing sitting in the garage, waiting for December, and when she was so scared and puny at the doctor's office, I used it as the light at the end of the tunnel for her. I confess, I'm not above bribery. Or, distraction with a coveted over-priced cloth item. Hey, it worked.

Anywhoo, she lived in the thing all day yesterday, only taking it off for bed because I told her it would get wrinkled. Her big thrill was that it showed about an inch of her belly, the aforementioned problem that I had with any Jasmine costume and the reason that I told her she could only wear it in the house. Her poor, sad-sack self got me again, though, because I caved and let her wear in the stroller as I walked her around the neighborhood.

On our walk we ran into a little boy that we had never met before. The two of them traded random pointless information for random pointless information in a hair-pulling-when-will-this-end?-fashion:

Boy: What is your dog's name? Can I pet him?
Ana: No, he bites kids. That's Cooper.
Boy: Oh, Cougar, I guess that's why he got his name. Because he's like a big scary kitty.
Ana: He's not a kitty! He's a dog! He's my furry brother.
Me: His name is CooPer, with a P, not Cougar.
Boy: Oh, I guess that's still how he got his name, because it's like Cougar. That's funny.
Me: Uh, yeah.
Ana: See my belly? I'm Jasmine.
Boy: I don't go to the school for this neighborhood. I go somewhere else.
Ana: Hey! Do you see my belly? I'm Jasmine.
Boy: Yeah, I do. My teacher's name is Mrs. Crowe.
Ana: You're not supposed to see my belly - it's only for family to see.
Boy: Well, I do. I like my school.
Ana: You're not my family!
Me: Okay, sounds like it is time for us to go! What time do you get home from school?
Boy: 3:30
Me: (mental note never to walk by here at 3:30)
Ana: Bye! Don't see my belly!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Poor Little Bug

Okay, one reason Ana has been struggling is that she STILL has an ear infection. Make that 2 now. We have been battling this for 5 weeks and have been to the doctor's office 6 times in as many weeks. Three different types of antibiotics. Each time it looked like the infection was going to go away, but it would come back with a vengeance. You couldn't tell it by looking at Ana - she was often heard singing Mary Poppin's songs in the doctor's office, which is perhaps why they didn't take it as serious as it was.

Sweet Bug did not have doting parents attending to her her first year of life, so she had to learn to separate herself from pain. She only 3 times told me that her ears hurt - twice of those in the last two days, which was my only indication that things weren't getting any better. I took her in again yesterday to see what was going on in there because of those comments, even though we were only mid-way through a new course of antibiotics.

Level 9 out of 10 on the pain meter said the doctor. Spread to both ears.Poor girl! This he told me while she was climbing on my head and belting out A Spoonful of Sugar. So, they pulled out the big guns - 2 shots, one in either leg. It was a rough go, but Ana rallied, milking her invalid-ness for all it was worth. She got extra stickers, lots of sympathy, and then she told me her legs couldn't move, so she got toted around for the rest of the day. You should have seen her at Walgreens when I set some toys on the floor for her to sit and play with while I checked out.

Mom, I can't sit. Can you help me sit? Whimper. Whimper. Mom, that leg is bent too much. Can you straighten it? It won't move anymore. Mom, I think my legs really need these toys at our house to feel better. Can we get them for my legs?

Her legs did get a pack of gum.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

And We're Back

We have a new record for shortest length of time in which Ana goes a bit wompy and then comes back to us - mark it - 6 days. Not too shabby considering it used to be 4 or so weeks when we first started helping her with all of her anxieties.

I knew we were back when she started serenading me in "the cuddle chair". I had just finished singing a made up song of how much I love her and how wonderful she is. She decided to profess her love in return. I was touched. Mostly. No, truly I was touched, I just could have done without some of the lines:

Mommy, you are so beautiful to me.
I love your kind heart.
I love your kind eyes.
I love you when you are sad and when you are happy and when you are mad.
I love your eyebrows and they don't even poke me.
I love your lips white as the snow. (Say what?)
I love your soft skin. (Stretching it a bit)
I love you when you love me.
I love your brown hair and I love the white hair in your brown hair. (Anytime you want to wrap it up...)
And I love you.


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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ana is already talking about Christmas, all thanks to some eager beaver in our neighborhood who has had their Christmas lights up since November 1. This does not bode well for us given that Ana had a hard time with Halloween because we started talking about it the morning of, instead of an hour or so before we went out trick-or-treating. Imagine the fun we will have on Christmas with 2 months of buildup...

Anywhoo, right now all is jolly as she talks about the presents that she would like - The Jasmine dress from The Disney Store, but I know you do not like it because it shows my belly, but I will use it in my room in privacies and I will not let anyone see my belly, okay? and wedding gloves, and a tiara, and a wedding dress like yours, Mommy, and fancy panties from The Fancy Panty Store (Victoria's Secret).

My role in all of this is to play the part of Santa. You know, like I am often called upon to impersonate God in our conversations. In this case, though, I just lower my voice an octave and throw in a couple of Ho, Ho, Hos for good measure. So far I seem to be doing a decent enough job. I thought I was close to being fired when I tried to discuss (in Santa character) how good it feels to also give and that we don't need everything in the world. I managed to bring myself back by pretending to give her the fairy set that they have on special at Target these days. Now that I type this, why did I try to avoid my firing? Doh. Must do worse job next time. Maybe I'll talk to her about toy donations..and tithing...

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Gold Digger

Ana has been a little crackers this week. We ride this roller coaster with her - something sets her off and then she pushes us away until she finds her equilibrium. We can tell that we are making progress with all we are doing because the rough times are shorter and shorter.

I'm banking on about another week, given our recent history, but yesterday I thought we might be breaking all records. Chickie came up and snuggled up to me, leaning into my side, tucking her little head behind my back. My sigh of relief was short lived, however, when I realized she wasn't cuddling, she was hiding behind me so that I wouldn't bust her digging for gold. I feel so cheap and used.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Say What?

Ana called for a big family hug before bed last night. Squeezing us hard she started expounding on the virtues of family.

Oh...family hug. We love each other. We would never leave ourselves.

Hmm...while on some days I would like to leave myself, I hadn't realized it was an actual possibility. You learn something new everyday.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Add This One To The Bunch

I call this one her Passing-A-Stone face:


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That's My Girl!

More on Halloween...

I was noticing that our neighborhood sure seemed to like Butterfingers. Ana kept getting them house after house. This was no problem for me because Butterfinger is my favorite candy bar and I consider it a God given right to eat an unnoticeable amount of your children's Halloween candy once they are in bed.

Finally I was close enough to hear her shtick at one of the houses:

Hi! I want some candy! No, I want a yellow one. No, that yellow one.

God love her, she heard me say how yummy Butterfingers were when she got the first one, so from then on she was bound and determined to get one at every house. Unfortunately for her it turned out that she didn't like them at all. I was momentarily cheered by the prospect of lots of chocolaty-toffee-ish goodness in my future until Ana discovered that she did like to suck the chocolate off of them.

I love her, but I don't love her that much.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Etiquette

Noticing that Ana was not doing so well with the whole "trick-or-treat" thing when people opened their doors, we decided to practice again mid-treating.

Me: Ana, I'll pretend I'm behind a door. Ding-dong. (I pretend to open the door.) Oh, hello! It's Cinderella!

Ana: Hi, I want to have some candy.

Me: Not quite. Remember, you have to say trick-or-treat first. Let's try again. Ding-dong. (Pretend open the door) Oh, hello! It's Cinderella!

Ana: I said, Hi, I want to have some candy!

I gave her the candy.

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