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The Mother Hen & her Neighbor Hen

Mother Hen, blogger: ALISON

Alternately calm and harassed mother of one adorable (on most days), precocious, energetic, dramatic, mischievous 3-year-old - my Ana. According to one popular book, I am blessed with having a child who is so "spirited" that she falls in a category that is only assigned to 10-15% of the population. Translation: I am one busy and tired lady! However, the girl does know how to give me some good material.

When I'm not busy figuring out how to get nail clippers out of the tub drain or googling "how to dry a cell phone out after a toilet bath," I like to walk - preferably alone; read - preferably alone; write - preferably alone; hell, I'd even list going to the bathroom as a hobby if I could do it alone!

I have grand plans to find balance, learn feng shui, breath deeply, and take a yoga class without looking at the clock 7 minutes into class. I'd also love to actually want to wear my nice clothes instead of the most comfortable sweatshirt I own. As for now, none of this is happening, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Neighbor Hen, Nokay's web consultant: GRACE
According to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Personality Types, this neighbor hen aptly falls into the category of INFJs who are known to work creatively “behind the scenes”. Grace is proud to be a part of Nokay, helping to bring Alison’s humorist real-life stories to the internet.

As a mother to a curious and energetic toddler who “jogs” 95% of the time when he moves from point A to point B (distance is not a factor), Grace is patiently waiting for the day when she doesn’t have to bribe her son to use the potty appropriately. Finding a trail of poop on the living room rug is cute and photo worthy only for the first time. Subsequent “accidents” are not cute especially when the trail flows like a muddy creek.

In the meantime, Grace enjoys having time to read alone, walks alone to the corner store, writing alone in the kitchen, and using the bathroom, yes, alone.