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Monday, January 23, 2012

My How Life Has Changed...

This was my Saturday morning...

Wake up extra early after a sleepless night with a wheezing baby.
Get whole family dressed and ready by 8:00 a.m. to leave the house for the doctor's office.
Change shirt three times - one for spit up, one for boogers, and one for poop.
Load screaming babies who HATE their carseats into the MINIVAN.
Try to ignore older child who first tries to sing to babies to calm them, then thinks it might be more fun to cry along with them.
Sit at doctor's office, nursing one baby after another while reading books to older child.
Load screaming babies who HATE their carseats BACK into the MINIVAN.
Once again try to ignore obnoxious reaction of 5 year old.
Drive to Walgreens to pick up prescription for baby.
Pretend that I don't want to reach through the little automatic drive-through drawer at Walgreens to strangle the woman who asks me EVERY SINGLE TIME to update my Pittsburgh address to my Austin address.
Drive around for 15 minutes, killing time, taking speed bumps and turns very slowly as to not awaken sleeping babies.
Pull into Walgreens drive through again and immediately awaken sleeping, and now screaming, babies.
Ask What? What? What? repeatedly as most-quiet-speaking-pharmacist-ever tells us that the medicine should be given at bedtime, yet will cause insomnia... in a household that already doesn't sleep.
Drive home with screaming/singing people.
Pull MINIVAN into driveway.

It is 9:30 a.m.

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Pegaroo said...

Please tell me Scott took over when you got home and you got a nice shower (because there was probably more spit-up, boogers and poop by then) followed by a long nap.

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