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Friday, August 9, 2013

We'd Get In A Ditch

My Banana is a worrier. Usually I don't mind talking her through things, but sometimes she can go on a bit too long.

Recently she learned more about tornadoes and that sparked a whole What If? discussion related to tornadoes. On our walk through my mother-in-law's neighborhood (keep in mind, much of the actual conversation has been deleted as to spare you the melting of your brain matter):

Ana: Dad, what would we do if a tornado came right now?

Scott: Don't worry, Honey. There isn't going to be a tornado.

Ana: Yeah, but what if?

Me: Then we would get inside Ging's house and go into a room on the bottom floor that doesn't have any windows. We would go in the closet where Ging keeps all of the blankets.

Ana: Yeah, but what if we couldn't get there in time?

Scott: Well, then you look for a ditch. The ground is lower there so it protects you.

Ana: Yeah, but what if we couldn't find a ditch?

Me: Honey, you can find a ditch or a room without windows pretty much anywhere. We would run to someone's house nearby and go in their closet.

Ana: Yeah, but what if there was no closet or ditch?

Scott: There would be.

Ana: But what if there wasn't.

Scott: Trust me, there would be.

Ana: Well, what if we were driving in the car?

Scott: We'd pull over and get in a ditch.

Ana: Well, what if we were at a park?

Me: We'd get in a ditch.

Ana: Well, what if we were...

Me: Let me stop you. Think of your question and then think to yourself - We'd get in a ditch.

Ana: Yeah, but can I ask you one more?

Scott: Is the answer - We'd get in a ditch? If so, I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Ana: Well, maybe not.

Me: Okay, last one.

Ana: What if I was outside with my BFF and we were playing with our (nonexistent) bunny, Twitchy?


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Pegaroo said...

Oh my! I will always be thinking of Ana when I see a ditch now. Mazie has started with the "Why?" questioning and it is exhausting. I hope no tornados come your way, but at least I won't worry that Ana won't know what to do.

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