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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Will Not Be The Winner...

of the Mom of the Year award, that is. Several posts ago I was "thanking" the kids in Ana's kindergarten class for teaching her a few choice words and phrases that I'd prefer she not know. This time, I'd like to thank myself.

Since he was born, Reed has had an invisible target on his head. Poor boy gets banged into doorways, walls, doors... You feel absolutely horrible when you do it, and then 2 days later, there you are banging him again. Now that he crawls, he does it to himself. Closes his head in the door. Crawls into sharp corners...

While we were in Florida, the house we were staying at had gorgeous tile floors. Great for crawling fast. Not so great for the 'ol noggin. Reed had already banged his heed at least 3 times that morning when he decided to pull himself up, let go, and stand for 10 seconds. And then fall down. On his head. On the hard tile.

Startled and scared all rolled into one, I said "Jesus Christ" and ran over.

Given that I don't normally say that, I can see how it might have appealed to Ana. She also adores all things related to "Baby Jesus," so there was that draw as well.

Later, packing up our bags to leave, Ana dropped her little-ridiculous-number-of-tiny-pieces toy onto the floor, scattering parts everywhere.

Jesus Rice!

Hmmm.... where to start?

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