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Monday, September 10, 2012


It's only been two weeks so far that Ana has been in Kindergarten, but she's already learned a lot. Of late, we have discussed the concept of nocturnal, as in

Mom, I want to be a vampire for Halloween instead of a witch.
Because, they're nocturnal. I could stay up at night and eat ice cream while everyone is sleeping.

We have also covered Arkansas

Mom? Where's Arkansas?
Right by Texas, Baby. I can show you on a map. It's another state like Texas is a state.
I know, but do they have restaurants there?
Oh, good then. Can we go on vacation there sometime?
Why is Daddy laughing?

We're thrilled to see her getting interested in new ideas, less thrilled to see the way her vocabulary has expanded:

Building Leggos... drops a piece...
Oh, crap!
Baby, crap is not a good thing to say.
Why? What is crap?

And my personal favorite
Ana, it's time to get dressed for ballet.
Okay, Peckerhead!

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