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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Newest Friend...

My Lady was trapped with two mosquitos in the car today, a stressful experience for her. They were easily shooed out the window, but not so easily out of her head. She has a pretty cool coping technique, though - she makes up strories about the things that scare her.

So, we now have a new imaginary friend - Mosca the mosquito. She sat on Ana's hand for the whole car ride and was actually able to have conversations, such as a lengthy discussion on what Mosca would like to wear for Halloween. A princess costume in case you were wondering.

I think this is brilliant and I am going to start trying it for myself: Needlie the needle, how are you today? And what would you like to be for Halloween? Freddy Kreuger? Oh noooo... I don't think that is a good choice. How about a nice fluffy bunny?

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Auntie Karen said...

You are just as funny as Ana! I see where she gets it!!!

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