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Friday, April 1, 2011

Worm Teeth

I am not a stupid person, but Ana came up with a question that I couldn't truthfully answer. Thank God for the Internet - I told her we would look it up today and she asked if we could watch a "Tube Movie" about it (You Tube).

I had just pointed out a picture of a worm in an apple in one of her storybooks and was telling her that worms like to eat apples - some day she might even see a worm in an apple!

Yes, but how do they eat them? Do they have sharp pointy teeth or just little pearly teeth?

... I'm am pretty darn positive that worms don't have teeth. That is a good question, Ana. How do they eat the apple, because they can get pretty far in there?

I was asking you.

Yes...yes you were.

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