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Monday, February 20, 2012

Puppy Love

Ana has been telling us about her little preschool crush, Charlie, for some time now. She mentioned that they played "marry" on the playground and that they told each other "I love you."

She also came home sad one day when she asked Charlie to play, but he was with his boy friends and told her to "go away". But, later, he came over and said sorry and that he wanted to play with her, so she said she forgave him "because everyone makes mistakes sometimes. No one is perfect."

Our lady is known for her big imagination, one of the things we love about her, but it doesn't always make for an accurate picture of her world. For example:

Ana, what did you have for snack at school today?

Cupcakes and ice cream and brownies and chocolate. Mmmmm.... sugar!

This ability to bend the truth left us wondering if there was a puppy love thing going on between Ana and Charlie, or if it was just one-sided. To tell the truth, it left us wondering if there even was a Charlie. Thank God for class directories!

It appears that not only does Ana love Charlie, but Charlie loves Ana. And, the boy has style. He professed his love to her with a personal valentine at the Valentine's Day class party. Just about the cutest thing I have ever seen:

Charlie's latest smooth move has even managed to oust Ana's longtime imaginary husband, Nutcracker (From the Nutcracker ballet. Don't ask me why she decided to marry a wooden guy that cracks a mean nut, but she did.)

Mom, why do I love Charlie now and not the Nutcracker?

Ummm... I don't know... maybe because he's human?

Yeah, maybe. Charrrrrrrrllllllllllllllliiiiiieeeeeeeeee. (big smile)

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