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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So Grateful

We spent a sleepless two nights in the children's hospital Sunday and Monday. Sweet Reed started having respiratory distress and we rushed him in to be looked at.

A diagnosis of RSV and low blood oxygen levels led to an admission, filled with saline waterboarding of his nose, vomiting, blood draws from veins in his tiny little hand, air in his nose through breathing tubes, and more vitals checks than we can count.

The poor guy was listless and crying non-stop Monday morning so they kept us another night. Crying is not our Reed. I am not exaggerating when I say that he cried more on Monday than he has in his entire life, all four and a half months of it.

The whole experience left me grateful.

Grateful for kind nurses and doctors who specialize in working with scared and vulnerable children.

Grateful for skilled people who know how to draw blood from impossibly tiny veins.

Grateful that my child is recovering instead of continuing to worsen.

Grateful that this will be a blip on our radar screen, instead of how we spend each day with our young son. There are children suffering from cancer that get poked all of the time. Children in bad car accidents that have tubes up their nose longer than Reed's 20 minutes. Children who don't wake up. Who don't get to go home.

These 3 children that we are blessed to care for are true miracles. Even more apparent to me now is what a miracle it is that we normally get to experience them as healthy, happy children.

I am so grateful.

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