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Monday, February 27, 2012

Not Stellar

Our household has been through a lot lately. Not only did Reed go to the hospital for RSV, but Sofia followed him - having us check in through the ER just a day and a half after being released for Reed.

As one can imagine, you do not get great sleep while you're in the hospital. Especially not if you are looking after your very sick, tiny child. Especially not if you have also brought your other child, who is having to sleep in a carseat, and who is eating at totally different times to his/her sibling, meaning that you are feeding tiny people all night long.

I thought that I was a zombie after the adrenaline rush of birth wore off and the reality of breastfeeding twins that don't take bottles set in, but no. I can unequivocally say that I am now a true zombie.

The latest evidence. A.K.A. You Might Be A Zombie If...

1. You turn on your hairdryer and something metal inside breaks loose, causing actual sparks to shoot out of the nozzle of the dryer. However, this is the first hair washing you've managed in 2 days and you actually have time to dry your hair afterwards, so you proceed ahead, rationalizing that if you hold the dryer far enough away, the sparks might not reach your hair. And, if you turn your face at an angle, you might not blind yourself, should that little piece of shrapnel make its way out of your dryer at top speed.

2. Your husband looks at you and says, Um... did you know that you are wearing two necklaces? And you answer honestly, No. And then you cry a little for yourself.

3. Someone asks you, Where is Ana? and you say, In the fridge, and you do not even know why they are looking at you funny.

Stay tuned for more episodes of You Might Be A Zombie If... I am quite sure there are many more to come!!


Shannon said...

I'm amazed that you even put on a necklace! I have no time for accessories anymore.

Hang in there...

Laura said...

breastfeeding twins is superhero material! you are amazing! keep up the good work

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