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Friday, February 12, 2010


I forgot that I had enrolled my daughter in a preschool in Westlake. Westlake, for those who are out of the loop, is the 90210 of Austin, TX. Not in drama (although I may learn about that too), but rather in flash/bling/or whatever you want to call it.

Luckily the Little Lady had yet to learn that her mother is a slacker. I figured I could get away with it for a couple of years before she started comparing me to the other mothers. At that point, I fully intended to up my game; but, for the meantime, I was coasting.

Coasting...right to a stop. Today was the preschool Valentine's Day party. Holy Loot, Batman!! Chickie brought home more chocolate than Scott has given to me in an entire marriage worth of Valentine's Days.

Let's compare, shall we?

Ana's gift to classmates: one small princess themed card with a heart-shaped red lollipop stuck through two pre-punched holes.

Owen's gift to classmates: one heart-shaped box of Elmer's New Orleans Original chocolates - "hand-crafted chocolates from the finest selection of cocoa, caramel, truffles, and cremes". As if this wasn't enough, he also included a red heart-shaped lollipop with a much longer stick than Ana's - of the long-stem variety, I guess.

Caden's gift to classmates: a goodie bag tied with a Valentine's Day themed ribbon, containing one box of Brach's conversation hearts, a bag of Hershey Kisses, a packet of Fun Dip, a bag of gummies, and a red heart-shaped lollipop.

Poor little Ana. Her Mom is clearly sub-par in the impressing other mothers department. I think I am going to go and console myself now. Now...where did I put Owen's chocolates?

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Nicole said...

Oh no!! School starts in August for my kiddos....I guess I need to get started on handmade gifts for their classmates now!! We are in the 90210 in San Antonio, too....dropping them off at school in sweats isn't going to cut it. (or else I'll do it anyway an just be the schlumpadink of our neighborhood!)

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