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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Threats Work

I have discovered the secret to getting Ana to sit down in her chair at a restaurant - vague threats of the waiter mafia.

Doodle (aka Doodlebug) and I went on a date together to a "Fancy Nancy" restaurant - Cheesecake Factory. Our local CF is PERFECT for my girl because it has a dome on the outside, lots of gold accents on the inside, and classical music playing at all times. Why is that perfect? Because, since it has all of those things, it must be a castle, and we must be going to the ball. Duh.

Despite our fancy surroundings, Ana kept wanting to pop out of her seat, or stand up on it, or kneel backwards, or just fall out of it altogether. That is, until the first baby cried.

What's that? Why's that boy crying?

He's crying because he wasn't sitting down in his seat and they told them that he broke the sitting-down-in-your-seat-chair-rule so now he has to leave and go home.

Look of shock

When the second kid cried not two minutes later and the story was repeated, I would have thought Ana super glued her rear to the chair, such was the length of pants to seat contact.

I love those evil waiters and their terrible rules.

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Nicole said...

OH MY GOSH!! We are the same people! Not only do I tell my kids they are going to throw us out if they don't behave, but it also works for dessert. (i.e: "If they waiter sees that you didn't finish your food, he isn't going to bring your ice cream.")
Waiters are much more powerful than they were when we were little. :)

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