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Monday, February 8, 2010


Doodle is smart
Doodle is brave
Doodle is my hero

So, it turns out that Ana Bug's behavior has been a result of something larger - it seems that she is wrestling with an anxiety disorder at the moment. Thanks to wonderful people, we have some strategies to help her and have been employing them for the last week.

Doodle has picked it up and is running with it.

Clearly she does not take after her mother. I would need years and years of therapy before you would even notice a tiny change in my behavior. Not my girl. She is even starting to coach me:

When you go 'round new people, sometimes you get nerbus. You don't have to talk ugly. You can hug my leg or sit in my lap. I will help you.

An added bonus - As she is proving herself to be a quick study, we can now decrease the monthly amount that we put into therapy for her adult years to undo all of the damage that we cause her. Score!

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