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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're Toast

If your 3 year old asks you where the glue is, be afraid. Be very afraid.

While I was showering this morning, Ana found a little statue of Joseph holding Baby Jesus. The first time we brought the statue home, Ana dropped it, breaking off Joseph's head. This created much debate over how to properly handle the situation - to glue or not to glue? Would Joseph want his head glued back on, or would he prefer lots of we're sorry prayers and a nice burial? After much angst, we opted to glue his head back on rather than replace the statue, and life went on with no apparent fallout.

This morning, Ana decided to finish off the job. Now both Joseph AND Baby Jesus are headless. To add insult to injury, I had to fish their heads out from under the couch - where they rolled after the beheading. Even Ana seemed to get that this wasn't such a good thing:

Oh, Baby Jesus, he is not happy. He does not like for his head to be in the couch.

You think?

We will be spending the rest of the afternoon inside as a storm is rolling in and I'm not really partial to the idea of being struck by lightening.

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