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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blaylah and The Stone

We are getting quite the collection of crapola at our house. It wasn't so bad when it was scribbles and the occasional paper mask. Those I can tape to the door, fridge, wall, etc. I will also admit that sometimes I make the tape connection a little loose and then Cooper-the-Paper-Eating-Dog puts the latest creation out of my misery.

Ana's teachers are upping the ante lately though and I am none too thrilled. Let me introduce you to the latest member of our family - Blaylah. She is a tube sock filled with rice. Not a child's size tube sock, mind you, but a Daddy size. She has no face, yet she was given a gender and a name. What, I ask you, am I supposed to do with this thing? I am not about to bust out the duct tape and no, she doesn't look good displayed on the mantle. I tried it.

Yesterday, at a little church class, Ana created another illustration of why less is more. We are now the proud owners of a felt stone. And woe to ye who refers to it as a rock. This fine piece of brown-ness is a stone.

Unfortunately my child is way to smart for my own good. She wanted nothing to do with my suggestion that Blaylah and The Stone could have the garage as their own private palace, particularly the back left portion of the palace - behind that box over there.

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Shenanigans said...

I think these would make great companions to Scarlett's new favorite "wet paper towel". It is a wadded up paper towel that she came home from school with on Friday. It is a paper towel ball. Evidently there used to be a heart painted with watercolor inside the wet paper towel. We keep it around to remember its better days.

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