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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She's Got My Back

Apparently Ana thinks her Daddy is in danger of forgetting his ties to me. Maybe he has been acting less affectionate lately or maybe, to her, he seems less attentive. Me, I haven't noticed a difference, but something has gotten her going. She seems bound and determined to remind him of my place in the family.

Hey, Dad! Don't drive yet. Your wife didn't close her door yet!

Dad! Careful! You just bonked your wife!

Hey, Dad! Your wife needs a drink too!

Thanks, Ana.


Shenanigans said...

Love it. I've noticed too, that whenever Jason and I have little disagreements on something the twins immediately take my side. I'm sure that will change when they are teenagers. On another note - great pic! The twins just got the same outfit from their grammy. They should come over and be triplets for the 5 seconds before they head for the dress-up.

Crazy Cathcart said...

I wish I had someone to look out for me....sigh...

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