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Monday, October 11, 2010

Here Comes The Bride...

Ana's little neighborhood bud, Luca, came over again on Friday, bringing his 8 year old brother, Max, along with him.. The three of them went out to her swingset and had the following conversation:

Luca: Ana, I'm glad I met you!

Ana: Awwww.... that's so kind.

Hey, I want to marry you.

Luca: Okay.

Max: Luca, that's what you said to those other girls - Katie, Sarah, Julie, Kristen, and I think Jaime too.

Luca: But this time I mean it. Ana, I will marry you.

Mommy: Ana, getting married is something that people do when they are much older. It's not something for kids to do.

Luca: Yeah, when you're old, like 30. (Thanks, Luca)

Ana: Okay, will you marry me when we're old?

Luca: Sure.

Ana: Awwww... I love that boy. (Hopefully by the time they marry she will reliably be able to remember his name.)

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