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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bon Voyage

Half the world now thinks we are going to London. Why do they think this? Well, because our little spokesperson went around spreading falsehoods today. To everyone.

It all started when I was talking about my friend Linda who lives in London (ish) and how I would like to visit her again someday.

Good idea! Let's go to London.

Babe, you had a hard time going to Florida. London is very far away. I don't think we could go some place like that until you felt safer going to new places. When we travel you fight Mommy and Daddy. It's not your fault, you just get scared, but Mommy doesn't want to spend a bunch of money and go on a plane for a long time when you will fight with us.

I won't fight you! I will be brave! Please? Please? I really want to go to London!

Maybe someday we can go. Like when you are 10. Maybe your body will feel safer then and we can do something like that.


This conversation turned into:

Checking in at preschool - I'm going to London!
Soon, maybe tomorrow!

Seeing her teacher - I'm going to London!
Yes! I am!
Wow! That's cool, Ana!
Yeah! I'm happy about it!

Ordering a cookie at the mall - I can eat a cookie in London. With M&Ms. I'm going to London!

To our neighbor when we got home - I'm going to London! I'm going to see my friend Linda! And Mary Poppins!

It is going to be a long six years...

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Shenanigans said...

Ha ha ha ha.. That is hilarious. Better go ahead and get her a passport.

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