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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Which Came First - The Chicken or The Nugget?

I know we have covered this territory before, but yesterday was the first time it really sunk in for Ana - the cute little white fluffy chicken on the farm is the same one that makes up the mushed chicken that is her nuggets.

Picture of a live chicken next to a picture of a plate of nuggets sparked the following discussion:

But we don't eat that chicken. We only eat the nugget chicken.

The nugget chicken is made up of that white chicken.

No... that's not the truth. You're just making up a pretend story.

It wouldn't be a very exciting one if I was...

Oh, but I don't want to eat the feathers.

No, Baby. The feathers aren't in there. They take them off and then they take only the chicken meat to make the nuggets (probably a wee bit of a lie there, but I wasn't getting into that).

Poor little Chicken! What does it's Mommy say? How do they make it dead?

Hey Ana! Was that the phone ringing? Maybe it's Nana calling to talk to you! If not, why don't we call Nana?!?

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