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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Friends

"What?!?! The door said 'Push', so I pushed him down!"

We will not be. Making friends that is. After our recent relocation back to TX, we have found ourselves without daytime playmates. I have been toting Girlfriend all over town so that we can make ourselves available to any friendship opportunities that might present themselves.

Someone is not on board with this plan.

When Chickie gets anxious or nervous, she talks a big game to make herself feel a little more secure. We would stand a better chance at making friends if she was a leg clinger or some other such thing. Not my girl.

At the library storytime today:

Me: Ana, look this little girl wants to sit here by us! Can you say hi?

Ana: You can't sit here. I'll kick you in the eye.

For obvious reasons I didn't feel that it was then appropriate to ask the other mother if she wanted to grab lunch after.



Unknown said...

Oh dear! Maybe she's just testing the mettle of these potential friends. Those who pass her tests deserve the honor of her company. p.s. Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! We so need to get together!!! Hayden is right up her alley. They could kick each OTHER in the eye!

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