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Friday, January 15, 2010

Wild Animal

Today I learned that what I am doing is not much different from working with wild animals. That right there should tell you something about parenting. The speaker I was listening to did not say that exactly, but I am not good at reading between the lines for nothing! What she did say was, when disciplining your child:

1. Approach slowly
2. Lower your voice and speak softly
3. Look them in the eye and tell them what you need from them
4. When finished, back away - do not turn your back on them

Number 4 is where I was going wrong! Yesterday when I finished correcting Ana for something, I made the critical mistake of turning my back to her. The little turkey walked up behind me and gave me a swift kick in the ankle. Now, how did she get the Cliff Notes, I ask you?!?

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Melody said...

LOL! It's kind of like dating... I've learned that if I use the same techniques to train my dog on the men I date, I have better results. In other words, praise the good behavior and ignore the bad behavior for 3 seconds then try again. I will admit the 3 second rule takes more like 3 minutes. ;)

Love the blog...keep it going!

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