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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out of the Game

"No, my mama's not having an accident. She's exercising."

Well, I did it. I knocked myself out of the game on my first day.

Banana and I joined a gym. Okay, so we joined a free 7 day trial of a gym that has a fabulous indoor playplace for her and a bit of a break for me. I ruined our fun on trial day #1.

Apparently I have pulled a neck muscle. Nothing as impressive as a side neck muscle from lifting too much. No, I managed to pull the one that runs right up under your chin.

How did this happen you ask? Picture your days of in class nature videos. You know that one turtle that was always straining his neck out a little too far? Just call me Turtle.

I did this by lifting the minimum weight allowed on the bench press machine. And who said toting kids around made you stronger? Me, at one point. Now I just say that Old Me was a liar. Don't listen to her.

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