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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Greener You

Ana has some recommendations for treading more lightly on the Earth:

1. If you do not pull off a bit of toilet paper, but instead unroll it enough to where it will reach, after you wipe you can leave it dangling so that someone else can use it the next time.

2. If you do not like the food that is in your mouth, don't waste it. You can spit it in your hand and then sneak it on to your parents' plate.

3. If you have picked your nose, don't waste. Spread the love by spreading your goodies.

4. If your mother has made you a muffin from scratch - something she never does because it is ridiculously hard for her - don't keep it to yourself. Drop your entire breakfast piece by piece from your stroller "to the little birdies". Act very surprised at her irritation when you are busted. Especially good is if you tell her you are starving, the farthest point from home in your walk.

5. Love all of the little creatures - especially pill bugs. Love them up until: "This little guy is resting. Why is he resting so much?"

6. Tell God every day, "Thank you for the nature! I am a hooman, so I am nature! I am like a deer and the beautiful sunset!" Darn straight, you are.

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