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Monday, June 14, 2010

Heaven Part ?

You would think I would learn. You would think I would catch on to how not to traumatize my child. Yet I don't. I am not holding out much hope for myself in this area. Poor child.

We have twin 11 year olds next door that are out of school for the summer. Twin girls on break = Alison on break (at least in my mind).

The girls stopped over to talk about coming over to play with Ana from time to time so that I could get some stuff done around the house, maybe make a non-ADD phone call, things like that. Ana asked me what I was talking about, so me being me I said, "The girls are going to come play with you sometimes so Mommy can get things done. You will have so much fun and I will be in heaven!"

I only realized the error of my ways when her little face took on a look of sheer terror. Oddly enough none of my parenting books has a chapter on How to Convince Your Child That You Are Not Actually Dying, but Instead Are Just Sticking Your Size 9 Foot In Your Mouth. I'm thinking that's a real missed opportunity there.

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