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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ana LOVES her blankie. It's not an issue for us because, for the most part, Blankie hangs out in the car while we shop, or go wherever it is we're going. Blankie waits for Ana until after school, and he hangs out in various rooms of the house until she needs to do a drive by sniff.

That's right, Ana likes to sniff Blankie. And woe to the person that makes Blankie smell anything other than stinky.

While staying with Nana and Papa Bear, Ana spilled blackberry juice all over Blankie. Well meaning Papa Bear laundered the scrap of fabric and presented him back to Ana who gave him a test sniff...

No! I want Blankie to be stinky! He doesn't stink good! That's not kind to me! I want him stinky! He smells too good!


Nicole said...

Love this!!

Anonymous said...

Libby had a blankie, it was a lovely shawl I brought for her when she was born - she still has it now and she is 6!! it now is getting grey instead of white and Ana would love the stinky smell!!!! Linda

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