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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicken Bang

We were lucky enough to have dear friends visit us last weekend. Ana and her little friend, Mikayla, giddily served me and my friend, Jennifer, fake food from their restaurant.

The most interesting meal of the day consisted of a lovely, whole plastic chicken, about the size of a cooked up baby chick. Surprisingly that wasn't the most unappetizing part of our dish. The most off-putting part was the name that Ana gave the dish - Chicken Bang.

I don't know, she might have something... Kentucky Fried Chicken Bang. McChicken Bang, Whatachickenbang. I'd like a #1 Chicken Bang with a side of tots. Ooh, no, supersize me to a Chicken Bang Bang.

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Crazy Cathcart said...

OMG!!!! I laughed out loud on this one... I especially love the super-sizing to the Chicken Bang Bang!!!! Out of everything I told Michael about our visit, I can't believe I forgot about Chicken Bang...my mind must have been fried. Mikayla has asked to go back to Kiddie Acres to ride horses with Ana,so we will try to plan another trip when it's cooler. Thanks for having us over...we had soooooooo much fun! Hugs and kisses and don't forget to have the Chicken Bang when we come over!!

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