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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Am Hysterical

I am like the funniest person I have ever met. I am just a laugh a minute. This is Ana's opinion, anyway. I am finding, given that we are mostly just by ourselves, that I am not opposed to believing her. It's nice to be the main attraction of the comedy world.

My latest funny move is to add bum to all of my jokes. That is a guaranteed side-splitter. The lucky thing is that I do not have to make an actual joke, it is more that I tell a story, that features a bum in it. That is all it takes.

Yesterday we saw a bird chase a squirrel across the street, pecking him in the bum the whole way. That became the afternoon's conversation. Mom, tell about the time the bird chased the squirrel!

Well, a bird didn't want a squirrel to go up his tree and go by his nest, so he chased him away. Birds can't talk, so what he did instead was squawk at him and peck him in the bum the entire way across the street. Peck! Peck! I'm gonna get your bum!

Ahhh haaaa haaaa haaa (snort, snort) Ahhh haaa haaa haaa. Can you tell me that bum story again?

Now tell me I am not funny.

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