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Friday, August 27, 2010

Con Artist

Ana knows that Nana is a sucker for any request followed by a please. With this in mind, she has managed to wheedle a collection of princess stuff out of Nana equal to my first year's salary out of college.

Chick and I met Nana for lunch and a trip to the mall to get new shoes yesterday. Since we'd be hitting the mall, I made sure that Ana knew we would not be buying anything other than shoes and that, no, there was not a Disney store at our mall.

Leaving the restaurant:

I sure wish I could buy something. I really want to buy something. I wish I could buy something.

Ana. Mommy told you that we're not buying anything other than shoes at the mall. Mommy is only spending money on shoes.

Ana dropped back so that she was now walking pressed up to Nana's side.

Nana, you got any money?

Fleecing the old folks already... ;-)


Auntie Linda said...

It's only just begun. ;0)

Crazy Cathcart said...

I think Mikayla and Ana are cut from the same cloth... I told Mikayla she couldn't have anything else to eat until she finished the corndog she asked for. She immediately looked at my mom and said, "Lola, I will share it with you..." And when I say I won't get her something, she says (and I quote) "I will ask Lola, she will get it for me!"

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