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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Dentist

When I get laughing gas at the dentist's office, it feels much like having a margarita or two. Based on Ana's performance Wednesday, I'm guessing it's no different for the younger set..

Before she even got the gas, she was off to a running start.

Hello, Ah-na. How are you today?

Would you stop calling me Ah-na? My name's not Ah-na, it's Ana, you 'Ol Tootie Butt! (Lovely.)

Then came the in-ceiling Cinderella DVD and the laughing gas. My lady had no trouble keeping her mouth open as they applied her sealants because it just so happened to coincide with one of Cinderella's songs.

Ahhh hweam is a ish oore eart akes, en oore ast asleep.

Luckily the dentist found it funny enough and seemed to recover from being called an 'Ol Tootie Butt.

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