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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back To The Hospital

Continuing yesterday's tale...

When Ana came back to us after surgery, she was just coming out of anesthesia and she was taking it hard - crying, moaning, and thrashing around. Talk about feeling terrible! I had told her she was going in for all of this princess stuff and then Whamo! someone knocks her out, sticks a tube up her nose, and does something to her throat and ears.

We felt a bit better when we were given the okay to leave - we could get her home, love her up, and help settle her down. Imagine our surprise when she started shouting that she didn't want to go home! Part of her distress coming out of anesthesia was due to her feeling robbed - she thought she hadn't gotten to do any of the things we said would happen because of the anesthesia's memory erasing effect.

No! I didn't get to go in the wagon! I wanted the princess gas! Where is my princess bed? You said I could have the princess bed! I was going to be a princess!

Honey, you did do those things, you just don't remember because of the medicine that made you feel all ooey gooey inside.

No! That's a lie to me! I didn't have the wagon! I wanted the gas!

I think we might have been the only family whose child actually refused to leave the hospital after surgery. The only way we finally got her to settle down was to promise her that we'd bring her back today to do all of those things again.

Shhh... don't remind her!

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