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Friday, December 17, 2010


Scott and I have to sit with Ana until she falls asleep. It's not what we would most like to be doing at 7:00 each night, but it's what she needs from us, so we oblige. It's not so bad when she's out in 20 minutes, although I will say that it greatly strains my patience when it reaches over an hour. Last night was looking like it would be one of those nights:

Mom, what's Gloria? I think it's a God song.


Mom, did you brush my hair this morning?


Mom, is Mommy Mary Jesus' mommy?


Mom, I learned that Mommies and Daddies protect their childrens. Right?


Mom, can I watch the Nutcracker ice skating movie in the morning?

Yep. Hush now, Ana, because I am trying to sleep.

Mom, are you asleep?


Oh. Okay.

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