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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ana and I were at the mall this week getting her glasses unbent. We passed by one of those you-would-think-it-was-a-nightclub-with-that-music-bumping-and-pictures-of-half-nude-models-outside-stores. (Sheesh, I sound old and crotchety!)

Of course, there was a picture of a half dressed young guy and it caught Ana's attention as we walked by.

Ana: Mom! I want to see that boy.

(Not knowing what she had seen, we went back)

Ana: Ooooh! He's nakee!

Me: Yeah. I'm not the biggest fan of you seeing that. I think he needs to be wearing more clothes.

Ana: Mom, it's just a picture. (eye roll)

If she's this world-wise at 4, I think I'm in trouble!

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Scott said...

I'm so disaapointed that you left out the part where you said that guy with his shirt off looks just like Daddy. that was the best part.

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