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Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 1/2 Going on 40...

My lady is a worrier. Most of it is internal, but occasionally it slips out and I like to try to help her with it.

We were riding home in the car after a lunch with friends where she was policing all of her friends - Mom, she's not eating her food! She won't get to have dessert! Mom, she shouldn't be climbing on the wall! She's going to get hurt!

I kicked off the discussion. So, Honey, sometimes you feel like you have to be in charge of your friends or something bad will happen. What do you worry will happen to your friends if you don't look out for them?

Mom. Can we just give me a break right now? I'm trying to have a little rest.

God help me when I try to talk with her at 13. She is already way past her Mama in smarts!

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