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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Brother!

So, despite Ana's earlier comments about being flexible about learning to like a brother, the thought has freaked her out. When my girl gets worried, my girl gets worried. So, unbeknownst to us, she has been minorly obsessing about her brother-to-be in her head.

We have a fantastic family friend who is great with kids and seems to be able to pry information out of them, in a non-prying way, that a parent would never be privy to. I pretended the old going to the bathroom but really hovering in the hall to eavesdrop move (God, I love 4 year olds, I am so busted when she is older!).

Turns out that Ana is worried about brother because:

I don't know how to play boy toys! I don't like boy toys like cars and trucks and Spiderman. I only like princess toys (yes, we know).

Also, a recent library find about Helen Keller written for the younger set was clearly a poor choice:

I think the babies are going to come out blind and not being able to hear...

Oops! Another strike for Mommy on that one... Who knew? Guess I will have to return that book I picked up about Pearl Harbor. Kidding. Just kidding.

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