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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pack Rat

Ana is a serious collector of all things junk. Her room can turn into a pit if I don't make a periodic sweep. Given that I had been sick as a dog with this pregnancy - hospitalized twice kind of sick - things have piled up around here.

Scott and I dug into a massive clean-up over the 3 day weekend. He finally had to distract her so that I could finish her room off without taking 2 steps forward and 1.89 steps back. Woe to me that I did not make more of an effort to hide my spoils.

Learn from my mistake - if you are going to throw your kids' stuff in the kitchen garbage, at least hide it under something.

Ana: Hey! What's my stuff doing in here! These are my treasures! I like this! (old empty box)

Me: What is that doing in there? It was supposed to go in the garage! I must have gotten confused because the bag that it's in looks like a trash bag. Oops! Sorry!

Ana: That's okay, Mommy. I got it all out. I'm going to go play with it now.


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