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Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Burning

I hate books. I hate them with a passion. This is because my little lady is a most literal chick. Our latest issue is with a book entitled Little Bunny's Easter Surprise.

Little Bunny's parents give her an Easter basket. No biggie there, already planned.

Little Bunny's little brother hid a bunny rabbit and jelly beans under Little Bunny's pillow. Oh, Honey, that was just something that the little brother does. That's not something that really happens on Easter.

Yes it does! Yes I will have a bunny and jelly beans under my pillow! That's what's to do! Yum! Yum!

Sigh... add to list one stuffed bunny rabbit and some jelly beans.

The next night's bedtime, another issue - "Daddy and Mommy look at Little Bunny with sparkly eyes" (when they hand out the Easter baskets). Daddy, Mommy, will you have sparkly eyes for me?

Oh, Honey, Mommy will have bleary eyes because it will be seven in the morning.

No! You will have sparkly eyes!

Sigh...add to list some Visine.

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