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Friday, March 26, 2010

Procrastination Part Dos

Okay, so it appears that not only I procrastinate, but Ana does too. She usually takes care of "business" around mid-day, but yesterday she pushed on past that mark leaving us unsure.

Conversation with Daddy who was in bed with her because of last night's scary thunderstorm:

Daddy? I have to go poo-poo.
Are you sure, Ana? I don't think you need to.
Yes! I do!
Well, if I put you on the potty and nothing comes out, I'm going to be upset because it's sleep time.

Fast forward 15 minutes...

Ana, you didn't need to go potty, did you?
Yes! I did, but my poo-poo is just too tired. It's just too sleepy to come out. Maybe later.

Methinks her procrastination is more about stalling, but in this case better safe than very, very, very sorry.

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