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Friday, March 5, 2010


Okay, so who thinks it is a good idea to do the following in class on a day that there is an evening performance? On a day that Ana's grandmother is coming into town? On a day that there is no time to do anything about it pre-nap or post-nap?

1. Paint with glue in the morning (glue in hair, glue on face)

2. Color with some kind of yellow staining stuff that went right for the clothes (fixable) and arms (not so much)

3. Eat pizza with marinara sauce (my child looks like a loose lady that couldn't quite apply her red lipstick to the proper spots)

Ahhh... let's hope this is not our one and only shot at pictures pre-preschool performance. Or, maybe this makes for a better story -

Hey, check out our daughter - she's the colorful one with the interesting 'do

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