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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The day has finally come. Today is moving day. The packers came yesterday and the movers are here today to take the furniture and boxes out of our Pittsburgh house and make the long drive to bring them to Texas.

Evidence that my child lived in this house:

1. Collection of 60 or so dusty Cheerios found under the buffet
2. Several pieces of my jewelry hidden under her bed - little toot!
3. Various parts of her tea party set found under the couch - along with a sizeable contribution from Cooper-the-dog
4. Too many random princess items to count, found in lots of places where you'd least expect them - under rugs, behind the toilet, half buried in the yard
5. Memories of her playing like movies in my mind: dancing in the living room, playing with her friends in the backyard, making cookies together in the kitchen, practicing trick-or-treat at the front door

We had a good run, Pittsburgh! Here's to new Cheerio piles in Austin!


Scott bogle said...

And memories of watching mommy strut her stuff as a fantastic mom. We had a great run, babe. You'll make our next house even more of a home than in pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

Memories are great b/c they are light and travel in your heart everywhere!!
On the way bright side....I am soooooo looking forward to having you guys closer (if 3 hours counts....)

Unknown said...


It's finally sinking in. Man, I miss you guys. Austin is lucky to have you back! And, it better treat you good or I will come and kick it in the eye. ;)

Hope to see you again soon. *muchos besos*

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